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KULA ignites the link between business, causes & consumers

Our platform influences consumer spending by creating an emotional link between businesses and their customers.

Our integrated approach simplifies cause marketing, making it an essential tactic to improve marketing ROI.

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Drive marketing ROI by sparking an emotional link with customers

KULA enables businesses to capitalize on consumers’ proven desire to benefit local schools & causes. Our integrated platform simplifies and automates programs for business; and our breadth of functionality amplifies the benefit to causes.

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KULA’s programs were linked to 7% of revenue for one large retailer

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Coca-Cola wants to authentically engage consumers and reward them by supporting the causes they are passionate about.  We determined the best solution to help us to accomplish our goals was KULA’s technology.

Taylor Miffleton

Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing

The Coca-Cola Company

Schools & Causes

Harness the power of business to simplify fundraising

KULA’s platform shifts fundraising effort from causes themselves to the businesses and customers that link to those causes.  This reshapes fundraising via a simple paradigm shift:  Source donations from donors’ existing shopping activity vs. from donor’s pockets.

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Schools and Causes have received over $3 million dollars from KULA-enabled programs

The link that KULA provides to corporate programs has increased our fundraising potential, and done so with very little effort on our part. It has also helped us better engage the community through social interaction

Jay H. Philpott

Director of Advancement

St. George's Independent School


Accelerate fundraising with a single conduit to many business programs

Designate a cause or school, or a specific project within that school (soccer, band…), and they will benefit automatically from how you and your network shops.  Benefit is maximized by combining KULA-powered corporate programs; local business linked to KULA; and transactions from payment cards you register with KULA.

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Corporate programs are less than 5% of K-12 private donations; but can represent much, much more.

This concept is a no-brainer for raising additional funds for our school!  All of KULA’s partners provide easy options for fundraising – choices that compliment programs we currently have in place.

Debbie Appelhanz

Fundraising Coordinator

St. Anne Catholic School

  • Consumer UX

  • Data MGMT

  • Admin UX

  • API Toolkit

  • Consumer UX

    KULA hosts flexible interfaces, which enable consumers to search for and designate a cause or school (or even a project within a school); channel donations linked to that cause linked to their spending; track donations; and view content about the cause. All interfaces are skinned to mimic our partners’ experience.

  • servers
    Schools & Causes

    Data Management

    KULA’s infrastructure includes a unique database of school and cause-managed content. This provides more detail than is available through any other single source, and includes both EFT information to automated donation flow, and unique content about programs and campaigns within a cause. This enhanced information is critical to enriching the consumer and school experience.

  • Admin UX

    KULA’s partner interfaces support direct program interaction and management. Businesses can track and optimize program performance and manage business logic (e.g., 2X donations during back to school….). Schools and causes can update and manage their profile information, which is leveraged across all KULA programs.  They can also access our toolkit to amplify the impact and awareness of business-centric fundraising programs.

  • iPOS Developers
    Mobile Applications

    API Toolkit

    We expose a simple API framework that enables partners to import KULA functionality into their proprietary user or merchant experiences. This extends the marketing benefits of school and cause donations across the broader marketing and payments ecosystems.