Give A Gift that Gives Back this Father’s Day!

This Sunday, June 15th, is Father’s Day! If your dad is the greatest hero you know, honor him with a gift that gives back and show him all those values he has instilled in you throughout the years. Here are three charities to donate to that truly make a difference:


Show Hope is a movement to care for orphans, restoring the hope of a family to orphans in distress around the world. This nonprofit organization is helping to make a difference for the millions of orphans —  giving hope to the fatherless.

This non-profit was founded by veterans and friends to help returning military personnel — many whom are fathers themselves. Their mission is to raise awareness and enlist the public’s aid for the needs of severely injured service members.

The mission of Dads Make A Difference is to promote the positive involvement of fathers and to educate youth about responsible parenting. They envision a future where society values and supports healthy male socialization and the important role of involved, responsible, and committed fathers in children’s lives.


You can support these and other organizations at You can also purchase a Kula Giving Code, so your favorite man can choose from millions of causes around the world to donate to. Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Kula Causes!

Celebrate World Oceans Day!

June 8th is World Oceans Day, a global celebration to appreciate what an amazing resource the ocean provides and join together to protect it for the future. The oceans are a vital resource to human life – here are just some of the reasons why you should care about the health of our oceans…

  • Wildlife – An estimated 50-80% of all life on earth is found under the ocean surface.
  • Health – Every other breath you take comes from the ocean. No matter where you live, your life depends on the ocean.
  • Food – More than 2.6 billion people rely on the ocean as a primary source of protein.
  • Beauty – Walking on a relaxing beach or diving into blue water, the ocean encompasses some of our favorite places.


Yet, the ocean faces serious threats: massive overfishing, rampant plastic pollution, ocean acidification, climate change, and more. But you can join the fight for a healthy ocean – here are some charities dedicated to saving and protecting these special places.

The Ocean Foundation – The Ocean Foundation is a unique community foundation with a mission to support, strengthen, and promote those organizations dedicated to reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world.


SeaWeb – SeaWeb is the leading voice for a healthy ocean by raising public awareness, advancing science-based solutions and mobilizing decision-makers around ocean conservation.


Coral Restoration Foundation – The Coral Restoration Foundation is a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to creating offshore nurseries and restoration programs for threatened coral species. CRF is leading the development of new nursery and restoration techniques.


Save The Waves Coalition – Save The Waves Coalition is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the coastal environment, with an emphasis on the surf zone, and educating the public about its value.


Support some of the world's most unique places this World Oceans Day.

Support some of the world’s most unique places this World Oceans Day.

Make a donation to support ocean conservation. You can contribute to these and other ocean/water/environmental organizations at  Happy World Oceans Day from all of us at Kula Causes!


Join us for World Hunger Day 2014!

Global hunger afflicts nearly a billion people worldwide resulting in a lack of sufficient nutritious food to lead healthy lives. Hunger and malnutrition are the number one risk to health worldwide — greater than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

Join the global movement to end world hunger. Here are 5 organizations that you can support today by donating through helping to ensure no child, woman, or man go hungry.


Action Against Hunger

Recognized as a leader in the fight against malnutrition, Action Against Hunger, saves the lives of malnourished children while providing communities with access to safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger.  Their global efforts save hundreds of thousands of lives each year, but millions of malnourished children remain in need of lifesaving treatment. Your support goes to many lifesaving humanitarian programs.


Feed The Children

Children are the most visible victims of undernutrition.  Poor nutrition plays a role in at least five million child deaths each year.  In supporting Feed The Children today you provide life-saving food and other care to starving children around the world. Your impact is also multiplied by 5 times thanks to generous donations of food and more from corporate partners.


City Harvest

Centered around the issue of hunger in New York City, City Harvest was created by citizens upset at how restaurants were throwing away perfectly good food at the end of the night.  The organization collects food from restaurants and grocers and delivers them to food pantries and soup kitchens throughout the city.  Your support helps them feed more than 500 community programs.


Feeding America

In America, the land of plenty, it is hard to believe that 1 in 6 people in the United States are at risk of hunger. Feeding America’s mission is to feed America’s hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks and engage our country in the fight to end hunger. Your impact helps supply food to more than 37 million Americans each year, including 14 million children and 3 million seniors.


Heifer International
Heifer International’s mission is to end hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth using gifts of livestock, seeds, trees and training in sustainable agriculture community development projects to help millions of people become self-reliant.  Since 1944, Heifer has helped transform the lives of more than 94.5 million people. They believe in equipping people with the tools, education and livestock to bring about positive transformation. Your support helps to empower people to change their lives.