Two Nonprofits Working to End Modern Day Slavery

No one should be for sale.

But today, there are millions upon millions of people “for sale”—modern day slaves; victims of human trafficking.

The Facts About Modern Day Slavery 

  • The average cost of a slave is $90 USD (source)
  • Slaves are used in fields, brothels, homes, mines, restaurants (source)
  • Between 14,500 and 17,500 people are trafficked into the U.S. each year (source)
  • Between 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders each year (source)
  • There are an estimated 10 – 30 million slaves in the world today (source)

These facts are staggering. Slavery is a quiet tragedy going on all the time, all around us—even though slavery is illegal everywhere in the world.

It’s difficult to get accurate numbers about trafficking because people who are trafficked are considered a “hidden population”—meaning they are poor, marginalized and easily taken advantage of. But there are organizations, individuals, governments and even businesses that are working hard to make this hidden population seen.

Ending Slavery—It’s Possible

Several organizations and governments believe it’s ambitious—but possible—to end slavery within about 25 years. There are many paths to liberation–there isn’t a single solution–and organizations are tackling human trafficking from a variety of angles. The following two nonprofits are doing truly innovative work to end modern day slavery:

Human trafficking - Not for SaleNot For Sale creates tools that engage business, government, and grassroots in order to incubate and grow social enterprises to benefit enslaved and vulnerable communities. 

Why the nonprofit is innovative: Not For Sale is creating a new generation of abolitionists. The organization combines technology, intellectual capital, abolitionist groups and a growing network of individuals to end slavery. And Not For Sale’s smartphone app, Free2Work, tells you how your favorite brands are related to human trafficking—so that you are empowered to make a difference in what you buy.

Free the Slaves - Modern Day SlaveryFree the Slaves works with grassroots organizations, enlists businesses to get slavery out of their supply chains, works with governments to create anti-slavery laws. And Free the Slaves records and tells the stories of slaves in order to inspire others to work to end slavery. 

 Why the nonprofit is innovative: Free the Slaves is working in six countries to empower slaves and victims of human trafficking to tell their stories through compelling video. And not just their stories—but also to understand and use their basic rights. The nonprofit enables those affected by trafficking to create solutions to end slavery.

Ending Slavery—Doing Your Part

These two organizations share a similar goal: to end slavery. In our lifetime.

These two organizations share another belief: each one of us has the power to help end slavery. Curious what role trafficking and modern-day slavery play in your life? Check out your Slavery Footprint—a beautiful, interactive website that illustrates how what we buy and the way we live is connected to modern day slavery…and how we can take action.

“Let freedom reign. The sun shall never set on so glorious a human achievement.” - Nelson Mandela

 Image via The unnamed under Creative Commons license