Corporations: Helping Governments and NGOs Address Large-Scale Social Challenges

By: Mark Dority, Director of Business Development

It’s been several weeks since Typhoon Haiyan slammed into the Philippines, killing almost 4,000 people (so far) and reducing vast areas to a tangle of debris.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and governments across the globe have stepped up to offer humanitarian aid, both monetary and in-kind. The Philippine government, however, has been the target of criticism – including from the country’s own president and the UN – for a lack of preparedness and slow flow of aid to victims in the country’s rural areas.

In this case, many of the first responders were themselves victims of the typhoon. But the problem underscores an important issue facing those, and particularly governments and nonprofits, tasked with alleviating seemingly intractable social ills: a shortage of resources on a large enough scale.

Corporations, particularly large ones, have the scale and reach that aid organizations and nonprofits need to make real headway and impact in addressing the world’s problems.

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Latest Trends in Charitable Giving: The 2013 Kula Giving Index

By: Mark Dority, Director of Business Development

In our technology-enabled world, everyone can easily be a philanthropist.

Today’s ‘always-connected consumer’ is more aware of global social needs than ever before and is quick to show support for the causes that touch their hearts. And thanks to this technology boom, every act of kindness is magnified across mobile and social media platforms, giving consumers the outlet they need to make an impact on their world.

That’s why Kula exists: because we realized that this undeniable altruistic spirit, which makes us give what we are fortunate to have to others who need it, can also be a powerful tool for helping companies build more meaningful and longer-lasting relationships with their customers. By creating the world’s easiest and most compelling donation experiences, we’ve been able to dramatically increase funding for causes across the globe.

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Happy midway through #Movember!

It’s that time of year again:  most of the men you know (maybe this includes you!) have two-weeks worth of a mustache grown and they aren’t stopping yet.  Movember has been a viral movement for guys across the globe to grow mustaches and raise money and awareness for men’s health, but it’s also an official global charity.

According to it’s website, Movember aims to “combat prostate and testicular cancer and mental health challenges.”  This is a fantastic cause and just last year, Movember inspired more than 1.1MM men (and women!) to get involved and raise a global total of $147MM.  Hopefully, in 2013 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas (the actual name of female supporters) will raise even more! 

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