Kula drives brand loyalty and awareness of global partners through charitable giving

How It Works

Kula.com is the only charitable giving platform that partners with corporate brands converting reward or loyalty points into giving dollars.

Brand Loyalty B2B

  • Kula provides the giving infrastructure with global brands to drive customer loyalty by converting rewards points to no-cost charitable donations.
  • Our platform facilitates the donation exchange between brands and donors to charities and schools.


  • Democratized Giving allows donors the freedom to choose from a vetted database of over 2 million charities and 130,000 schools.

Technology Platform

  • Our in-house proprietary platform provides easy implementation, white-label solutions and real-time scalable data for our corporate partners.

Schools and Charities

  • Proactively increase donation inflows by enhancing your charity or school profile on our website.
  • Kula also offers a merchant services solution for credit card donations directly on charity or schools website.

Social Media Connectivity

  • Continue the cycle of giving and let others know what matters most to you.

Cause-Related Loyalty Marketing™ (CLM) platform

  • That's the essence of what we do at Kula. We fuse the power of technology, strong business relationships and people's urge to help by giving. Kula's proprietary Cause-Related Loyalty Marketing (CLM)™ technology is designed to enable users to support their favorite charities and schools – simply by making their everyday purchases.

Let's Work Together

Team Kula

Stephen Tanzer Executive Chairman

Cheryl Brady Chief Operating Officer

Chris Negri Managing Director, Strategic Alliances

Mark Dority Director of Business Developement

Meg Daker Director of Sales

Tony Noble Director of Financial Reporting

John Jennett Project Manager

Terry Smith Software Engineer

Geoff Safcik Software Engineer

Alex Baker Software Engineer

Tracy Allen Relationship Manager / Accountant

Caitlin Boyd Operations Coordinator

Strategic Partnerships

CFO Advisory Group

Barry Ottis LLC


Native Rank

Kula Board

Stephen Tanzer Chairman of the Board

Randy Petersen Director

Tom Higley Director


"By partnering with Kula, we are making it easy for our clients to earn greater customer, employee and partner goodwill by acting as conduits for those users' impulses to help others. Access to a huge nonprofit database enables them to support as many causes as they can, which also boosts our clients' reputations – and customer loyalty."

Andy Hodges Group Vice President, Partner Development
Connexions Loyalty

"We love the idea of partnering with an organization that allows our members to give back to important causes in their communities or which they were impacted by emotionally while traveling. VOILÀ is built around the idea of partnering with authentic and highly-localized independent hotel brands and we believe Kula is the ultimate partner in bringing a world of charitable options to our members."

Peter Gorla Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
Managing Director – VOILÀ Hotel Rewards


What is Kula.com?
Kula.com was created to be the world's easiest way to give to the causes you choose. With millions of charities around the world, Kula.com serves as your central portal for charitable giving. Use Kula.com to donate to the causes you care about, redeem Giving Codes from our partners, purchase Giving Codes as gifts, and earn "Donation Dollars" with Kula.com "Shop Page."
Is it free to join Kula.com?
Absolutely! Joining Kula.com is free to join and you pay nothing to use it.
How do I get started?
To start donating, register at Kula.com by clicking on the user icon located at the top of the page or logging in with your Facebook account. After you register, you'll be able to login and enter or purchase Kula.com Giving Codes.
How do I know these causes are legitimate?
The charities listed in our database have been confirmed based on publicly available records as non-profit organizations and while we have done our best to verify such information, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of such information. Additional information on the vetting of US based charities can be found through our partner, Guidestar USA, Inc.

In addition to confirming non-profit status Kula works hard to ensure that the Causes we partner with are legitimate and efficient. Below are a couple of the tools available online that can help you do your own charity vetting.

Charity Navigator

Charity Watch